I arrange compositions on the fly and take high energy portraits

My Event Photography isn’t typical

Event photography is challenging and requires a photographer experienced with less than perfect lighting.

During this event held at Hyatt Regency I bounced my flash off the ceiling to create soft light and compensated the exposure because of the bright media wall that I used as a background.


Do you pose groups?


And they don’t have to be forced as I work very quickly. I am also good at choosing attractive backgrounds even in the most demanding locations.

Do you take candid photos?


The majority of my photos are candid because nothing beats the genuine warmth and interest of candid portraits in event photography .

In a hurry?

I offer a standard 48 hour turnaround but same day availability for social media (up to 20 key images).

I can format your images for social media, Linked In, printing or however your PR and or Marketing Department requires.

Functions, Film sets and more

Recent Work

Study NSW Awards Night

Study NSW Awards Night

Since the event started at dusk and the available light would be poor, I brought a shoot through umbrella to diffuse the remotely triggered flash to ensure portraits would have soft light and blurred backgrounds.

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