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A People Based Commercial Photographer

People Based Photography

My Specialties

On-location Portraits

When the background adds essential information to images on-location photography is required.
This may involve a complex lighting setup but its visual impact will be well worth the time.

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Corporate Portraits

My corporate portraits are about banishing the stiff, forced nature of traditional studio portrait photos.
I think photographing you and your staff at your premises makes for better portraits as it isn’t inconvenient or unfamiliar and so your staff will appear more relaxed.

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Event Photography

The use of imagery in social media will attract ideal employees and clients if the images used are authentic and original. Stock photography won’t cut it.

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Portraits, Businesses and More

Recent Work

Study NSW Awards Night

Study NSW Awards Night

Since the event started at dusk and the available light would be poor, I brought a shoot through umbrella to diffuse the remotely triggered flash to ensure portraits would have soft light and blurred backgrounds.

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